Reflections from Carl

Reflections from Carl

Carl Vincent T. Olaya
Grade 12
Paagahan Integrated National High School

The wetlands bio-blitz program was enjoyable and very educational, a program that offers an on hand experience about environmental conservation was really a once in a life-time experience.

The bio-blitz program made us students aware of what it feels like to be a hydrologist, ornithologist and even an entomologist. Being a participant of the program made me realize what my role is to society. My experience on being a hydrologist was really challenging, we were asked to measure lengths and volumes of some parts of the Mabitac river and we also tested the water quality in order to clarify the condition of the river  but through the help of an expert, we were able to do the task accordingly. I was able to see how important wetlands are in that activity, if the rivers were not protected, it can cause some problems that could lead to bigger disasters such as floods.

The activities of the bio-blitz have given us students the chance to re assist ourselves and see the things we need to do. The opportunity to learn from different experts and to personally interact with the living environment was really memorable. I really learned a lot and was able to understand some concepts that I can use in my studies. The knowledge I have gained on this program affected my views that caused me to change some habits that can help conserving the environment. I am really thankful that I was given the chance to be a part of this activity.

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