Grateful experience

Grateful experience

Rica V. Osio
Grade 10
Lumban National High School

I am so grateful for having such delightful experience in Bioblitz. I’ve learned and discovered new things and new lessons that I may apply in our daily life and which may also be used in the future. Because of Bioblitz, I realized how important nature was, especially the bodies of water.

Bioblitz deepened my knowledge about Laguna de Bay. It helped me to value and love nature much more. During the field work, I joined the insect group. To be honest, I really hated insects. I’d rather study plants than to prey on those little creatures.

But when we started our discussion about insects, I suddenly became interested. I learned that not all little tiny animals can be classified as insects. I became more interested when we began to walk along the river and catch some insects.

I must say I really enjoyed it. After that awesome activity, we analyzed and studied which group of insects they belong. Then we have finalized it and reported our findings in front of all those who attended the activity. I also enjoyed some games and lectures. I’ve learned a lot from those amazing activities. It was really a great and wonderful experience.

Bioblitz taught me everything about nature. If ever I would be given a chance to join Bioblitz again, I’ll definitely come to gain more knowledge. I will never get tired to experience it again and again.

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