A very memorable experience

A very memorable experience

Raichielle E. Colopano
Grade 10
Lumban National High School

It was a very memorable experience. We did survey, interviews, observation of our community while the other groups were looking for different plants and animal species in our village near the river. Those activities were supposed to make us students gain more knowledge about wetlands. We were divided into different groups, wherein our group task is to interview some residents near the river. It was easy for me because I am one of those residents. We asked them about the advantages or benefits that wetlands give, also about the disadvantages. It was so nice, not only because we socialized with good people, but because of the things that we’ve learned.

Wetlands are a common scenery or part of nature for us who live near the river and the lake. But there are indirect and direct benefits that they’re giving to everyone. That makes them more valuable for all the people. I remember one activity where we had to draw what we will do if we are given a hectare of land beside a river. I drew a small nipa hut near the wetland. The nipa hut is for the livelihood program that I wanted to have, especially for the water hyacinth that is prominent in our area, that can be made into handicraft.

We, students, are so lucky to have this kind of experience and the chance to gain knowledge. The knowledge that we could share not only for our friends and family but for everyone who missed the chance to experience the BioBlitz.

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