Vitex parviflora (Molave)

Posted on December 12, 2019 / 2269
Listing Type : Flora

It is a species of plant in the family Verbenaceae, also known as smallflower chastetree or the molave tree. It is found in Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. It is threatened by habitat loss. The name “molave” is from Spanish, derived from Tagalog mulawin. It is also known as tugas in Visayan languages.

It yields one of two woods from the same genus called molave wood, the other being Vitex cofassus. It is valued in the Philippines for its dense durable wood, and was once used extensively in furniture, boats, utensils, and as a construction material. However, due to overharvesting and habitat loss, it is now classified as endangered by the Philippine Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

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