Pangil River

Posted on April 16, 2019 / 975

Provisioning Services

  • Freshwater: The water is useful for the irrigation and habitat of aquatic species
  • Food: Presence of fruit trees in the area
  • Fuel: Presence of variety of woods in the area that can be useful as firewood
  • Fibre: Dry leaves of of Kaong Tree can make broomstick
  • Genetic Resources: There is a variety of the fauna and flora species in the area
  • Natural medicines or pharmaceuticals: Presence of plants that can be useful in curing common diseases and illnesses
  • Ornamental resources: Presence of many kinds of flowers and aquatic species
  • Clay, mineral, aggregate harvesting: Presence of durable rocks
  • Waste disposal:
  • Energy harvesting from natural air and water flows: Potential energy that can be harvested in the waves of water

Regulating Services

  • Air quality regulation: Presence of forested area adjacent to the river system
  • Local climate regulation: Abundance of trees that can help in the local climate
  • Global climate regulation: Presence of variety of trees serving as carbon sink
  • Water regulation: Regulation of ground water
  • Flood hazard regulation: Capable of holding volumes of water
  • Storm hazard regulation: Presence of forested area that can help on breaking strong wind currents
  • Pest regulation:
  • Disease regulation – human:
  • Disease regulation – livestock:
  • Erosion regulation: Erosion in the area may happen because of its elevation and slope
  • Water purification: Processes and living organisms presence in the area may aid or evidence of good water quality in the area
  • Pollination: Presence of some insects that can help in natural pollination
  • Salinity regulation:
  • Fire regulation:
  • Noise and visual buffering: The area serves as a buzzer zone toward noise with the presence of a lot of trees

Cultural Services

  • Cultural heritage: The Pangil river has a big role in the way of living of the local people in the area
  • Recreation and tourism: The Pangil River is currently serving as ecotourism area now in Pangil, Laguna
  • Aesthetic value: The natural beauty of the area is one of the marketable value in promoting the ecotourism in the area
  • Spiritual and religious value: The aesthetics of the area can be a place for reflection and relaxation
  • Inspiration value: The aesthetics of the area can be a place for reflection and relaxation
  • Social relations: Part of the daily lives of the people  is the river. Community engagement in the recreational activities in the site help in building social relations
  • Educational and research: The presence of  a lot of flora and fauna and the benefits of the river can be a good area for research and development

Supporting Services

  • Soil formation: Good quality due to biomass
  • Primary production: Presence of Fruit bearing trees
  • Nutrient cycling: The hydrological and biogeochemical cycle aid the nutrient cycling in the area
  • Water recycling: The wetland plays a vital role in hydrologic cycle
  • Provision of habitat: Habitat of a lot of species
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