My first time as a WeBB Facilitator

My first time as a WeBB Facilitator
Jaja De Castro

Wetland Bioblitz, what does it mean? That’s the first question that entered my mind when my immediate supervisor asked me to join and assist for this activity. I know wetland is an ecosystem wherein land is covered by water either fresh or salt water, while Bio is short for Biology which means life. How about blitz, does it mean rapid, fast, or quick? These are just few of the things that ran across my mind. As my boss informed me about what should be done for the Bioblitz, what it means, and who are the target participants, I was looking forward to learn what Wetland Bioblitz is all about.

It can be a new experience and advocacy for young people to better understand the importance of nature, our environment in general. The Wetland Bioblitz activity covered flora assessment, avifauna assessment, aquatic fauna and flora assessment, entomofauna survey, water quality assessment, hydrology, and rapid assessment of wetland ecosystems services (RAWES).

I was assigned on water quality assessment; it was really challenging since I needed to explain the process and methods in a way that the young participants will be able to understand and appreciate the importance of knowing water quality. During the brief discussion, it seemed that most of the participants were interested but there was still some confusion on how to determine water quality and how multiparameter works. Moreover, the need to evaluate assessment results and compare data gathered from the sections of the river and the water quality standards set by Environment Management Bureau (EMB) were also explained.

The best part of this wetland bioblitz was the actual field work where in participants were able to do the process on their own. They were excited to get data and use the multiparameter and handle it with care. While I was watching those young students, I remembered my high school days. I wish that I were able to experience this kind of activity at a very young age but my heart was still happy and thankful. It felt good that I was able to contribute in the local community in raising awareness on the importance of clean river water and streams, as well as how to conserve and protect our environment.

The Wetland Bioblitz is a really good activity that could be done in different communities for them to appreciate and keep the environment clean and pleasing to people, not only for their benefit but also for the future generation.

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